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Washington, DC

The Intentional is a print literary and culture magazine that supports emerging writers and prizes approachability.

Long Live Print

Beautiful images, expert design and quality products. These are our picks for amazing independent, print magazines. Welcome to the Print Revolution. 

Inspiration. On paper.

Beautiful images, expert design, and quality products; these are our picks for amazing, independent print magazines.

Long live print.



Kinfolk magazine is a quarterly, ad-free print magazine that collects ideas from a growing international community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to make and do.

The Collective Quarterly is a magazine about creating. It follows select artists and artisans on a trip to the unseen hideaways that inspire them to craft uncommon goods. In these pages, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, drink, and stories all deeply rooted in the heritage and land around us.


Day Job is a publication for anyone who has ever had a job they've loved, a job they've hated, a life-long calling or a way to make an easy buck. In short, it's about work, a celebration of the everyday ways in which we spend our time and energy. 


intern aims to provide a tactile showcase for the precocious talent currently working in creative fields as unpaid interns. They are initiating a long overdue and frank debate about the current state of the intern culture, and its potential implications in both the short and long term for the creative industries.


Boat Magazine is an independent travel and culture publication that focuses on a different, inspiring city for each issue. From Sarajevo to Reykjavik to Lima, Boat Magazine shines a different kind of light on cities with big stories to tell. For each issue, they physically move to the focus city for a few weeks, setting up a studio and working with locals to create content. 

[wherever]: an out of place journal is a print magazine of travel literature, travel culture, and travel politics published three times a year.

They assemble writing and artwork that are germane to movement, connections, transitions, and the general transience of the people, places, and things of the world.

Live (Men)

In today’s marketplace, you rarely find content that caters specifically to men who value style, travel, food, art, and culture. Man of the World is tightly focused on that group; it doesn’t try to be all things to all people. It’s for a sophisticated male niche audience, and it’s somewhere they can go for consistent, compelling, informative content.

MAN OF THE WORLD is a handbook for the modern man, with its DNA inspired by American Heritage. 

PORT is a global quarterly men’s magazine based in London, merging style with thoughtful, intelligent content. By invoking the lost spirit of high-quality quarterly magazines, together with the most current and engaging of subject matter, PORT is setting a new standard for modern titles. The magazine features essays and profiles from the world’s foremost and iconic practitioners in fields such as architecture, design, business, film, environment, politics, literature and comedy alongside timeless examples of classic style and fashion.

Live (Women)

The Gentlewoman celebrates modern women of style and purpose. Its fabulous biannual magazine offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion that’s focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress. Featuring ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality, it showcases inspirational women through its distinctive combination of glamour, personality and warmth. These qualities are also at the heart of its website,, a virtual place where real women, real events and real things are enjoyed.

OH COMELY is a lifestyle magazine with life. It is a magazine that makes people smile, full of quiet moments and stories. It inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbors and explore new things. There are adventures that capture the feeling of being free, stories from people with tales to tell, recipes to warm your heart, and crafty things to make. All these things, wrapped up in beautiful words, illustration and photography.


Cherry Bombe is a beautifully designed biannual magazine that celebrates women and food—those who grow it, make it, serve it, style it, enjoy it and everything in between. It is about sustenance and style and things that nourish the mind, the eye and, of course, the stomach. 

Put A Egg On It is an irreverent digest-sized art and literary magazine printed on green paper out of New York City. It’s about food, cooking and the communal joys of eating with friends and family. The magazine is biannual and features personal essays, photo essays of dinner parties, special art projects, illustrations, as well as practical cooking tips and recipes. 


This is Fake DIY is a UK - based music magazine dedicated to alternative music.

The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine covering a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics. 


Adult is a magazine of contemporary erotics and experience. While the triannual discrete object is meant to feel like both a secret and a time capsule, their daily editorial website - a separate and equal entity - serves as the smartest, and sometimes dirtiest, of chat rooms. 

Headmaster is the biannual print magazine for the sophisticated man-lover who appreciates smart writing and thought-provoking art. The completed assignments in turn become the content of each sexy issue. 


Gratuitous Type, a pamphlet of typographic smut, celebrates the letter in all its forms. Featuring artists across a wide array of disciplines, locations, and aesthetic styles, GT provides a voyeuristic look into the practices of our favorite letter-makers.

The Gopher Illustrated emerges from the desire to consume hefty, satisfying cultural content that is worth keeping. We envision a cultural publication in which content is associative, obsessive, ludic and endures in time. The “Gopher” is leisurely but is composed of meticulous, opinionated, crafty, original work within its obsessively designed pages. 


The first issue of Tin House magazine arrived in the spring of 1999, the singular lovechild of an eclectic literary journal and a beautiful glossy magazine. Publisher Win McCormack said of the effort, “I wanted to create a literary magazine for the many passionate readers who are not necessarily literary academics or publishing professionals.”

n+1 is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics published three times yearly. They post new online-only work several times each week and publish books expanding on the interests of the magazine.