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Washington, DC

The Intentional is a print literary and culture magazine that supports emerging writers and prizes approachability.

Reviews of The Intentional

Reviews of The Intentional from New Pages, Poets and Writers, Flavorwire, Washington City Paper, Fiction Advocate, Washington Post Express, Small Press Reviews, WAMU, Brightest Young Things, The Gasconader, Refinery29, The Le Sigh, Barrelhouse, and You Me Them Everybody.


The Intentional has been reviewed by Lauren O'Neal at Fiction Advocate, Travis Kurowski at Poets & Writers, Kirsten McIlvenna at NewPages, Small Press Reviews, Caroline Jones at Washington City Paper, Holley Simmons at the Washington Post Express, Lauren Landau at WAMU, Carolyn Lang at Brightest Young Things, and The Gasconader. Flavorwire named us one of 10 literary magazines to check out in 2015, and Aerogramme Writer's Studio named us one of 5 great new magazines to submit to.

We’ve also received extensive coverage of our events, including features by BYT and WAMU. Editor Kate Jenkins has been featured on Refinery29′s annual “30 under 30″ list, as well as on Brandon Wetherbee’s podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody. Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden also featured a video of her for their latest project, “The Tapestry.” She has been interviewed by The Le Sigh and Barrelhouse.

"While each individual piece is well written and each page wonderfully illustrated and designed, the collection as a whole is really what strikes me; it is doing what the editors set out for it. It’s a publication that is as important and meaningful to read as it is enjoyable."
 Kirsten McIlvenna, New Pages

“By the last page, the journal was dog-eared and bleeding with my ink where I had highlighted statements and pictures that I found to be particularly evocative. I had stopped counting the lessening hours until I had to get up for work the next day.” 
– Carolyn Lang, Brightest Young Things

"As much as I cherish the convenience of the Internet, I think they made the right choice putting it on paper. The magazine as a physical object is gorgeous, and its strongest material is visual art, including an intriguing comic strip by Saman Bemel-Benrud and paintings by Erick Jackson that 'construct a world in which children rule, but…lacks the playfulness one might expect from such a theme.'"
- Lauren O'Neal, Fiction Advocate on Issue #3

Reader Reviews

“Just keep publishing that magazine, will you? It’s so nice to have the voice of my peers delivered to my door. It’s so great to hear what everyone’s thinking about. It’s definitely the voice of our generation… Receiving this publication is one of my favorite times of the year, officially. It’s such a joy to read something beautiful on paper.” 


“I have read The Intentional cover to cover and really enjoyed the ride. I was back in Ohio for a week taking care of my mom who was in the hospital back in September. During her recovery I read her all the articles and it was wonderful to share it with her. She is an artist and intellectual, and we enjoyed the discussion that came out of reading the articles. Also, the hospital staff would chime in from time to time on the subject matter as they would check her vitals and IVs. I am hooked and can’t wait for the next edition. Thank you for your time to produce something of this level of quality and integrity. It is severely lacking in the marketplace today.” 


“Was literally just kicked off the bus at its final destination. Totally missed my stop and rode the whole route because I was so absorbed in the magazine. Congrats on the awesome issue.”