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Washington, DC

The Intentional is a print literary and culture magazine that supports emerging writers and prizes approachability.

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Conscious Magazine tells stories about culture, people, and community that make a difference. Through narratives, collaborations and interviews, the magazine profiles socially innovative brands, entrepreneurs, and highlights conscious culture. Conscious also hosts conversations for its community to meet and discuss ideas surrounding local and global concerns. 

Hello Mr. is a magazine about men who date men. It's the overdue response to the unending clichés that surround current gay lifestyle publications. Rather than pushing agendas or perfecting appearances, its about relevant material for a misrepresented generation with an evolved range of interestes.

Makeshift magazine

Origin is the Platform for: Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Humanitarianism, Sustainability and Yoga. They are creating a cohesive and connected Art+Conscious Community that Collaborates + Creates, builds bridges and breaks barriers; a channel for transformation, connection, vision, intention and creation. 

Monocle is a global briefing on international affairs, business, culture and design headquartered in London. In print Monocle’s 10 issues a year are dense, book-ish and collectable and call on a global team of staff editors and over 30 correspondents from Beirut to Milan, Washington to Singapore.

Written Submissions

The Intentional doesn’t have one signature style, but is open to experimenting with a variety of voices. Generally, we are intellectual, playful, adventurous, unorthodox or, unconventional. We lean heavily on unsolicited non-fiction essays, as we are eager to hear about the experiences of millennials as they perceive them. 

The Intentional does not cover politics, current events, or fashion. In our humble opinion, that is what the Internet is for. We do like to talk about the trials and tribulations of young adulthood, health and wellness, global issues, community-building, personal growth, gender and sex, city life, and arts/culture. Though there is much to be said for the problems our generation has inherited, we try to focus our conversation on potential solutions.

We like our writers to relate to readers and their community, and we have a particular affinity for writers who are able to pull off tongue-in-cheek while still remaining hopeful. We appreciate the need to make light of challenging circumstances and the urge to write about being young. Though The Intentional is focused on solutions that promise higher “quality of life,” we realize that’s a lot to ask from an essay or article or photograph. So, as long as you don’t depress us, aimless musings about the 20-something existence are accepted. 

Our written features include:

  • Researched journalism
  • Interviews
  • Place or people-focused articles
  • Non-fiction essays 
  • Fiction and Poetry

For journalistic pieces and interviews, please submit a pitch with writing samples. With essays and fiction, completed work is acceptable. We are flexible with regard to subject matter and word count. 

Art Submissions

We appreciate completed visual art in any form. Generally, we seek to publish multi-page spreads of featured art, rather than stand-alone pieces. Select artists may be asked for an interview or further write-up on their work. 

Artists who are interested in illustrating for The Intentional Quarterly are invited to send samples and ideas. Photographers are invited to send a selection of choice pieces, a full series, or a portfolio link to works.

Submission Process

Send all submissions to with the subject line as “Essay Submission,” “Photo Submission,” “Fiction Submission,” or “Article/Interview Pitch,” etc. 

Submissions should be sent both in the body of the e-mail and as an attachment. If you wish to submit multiple pieces for consideration, please send each one individually. Bios and cover letters are unnecessary, but not unwelcome.

If work has been previously published, please clearly state where and when it was published in the body of your e-mail.

While we will certainly try our best, we are unfortunately unable to respond to all submissions. 

Thank you!

The Intentional Quarterly