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Washington, DC

The Intentional is a print literary and culture magazine that supports emerging writers and prizes approachability.


Featured articles, essays and Letters from the Editor originally published in The Intentional Quarterly

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'I Hope the Work Gives People the Courage to Be Themselves Publicly': An Interview with Lisa Marie Thalhammer

"Choosing to focus my studies on the histories of women and the construction of gender and its representation in the visual world, I realized that men have been the primary makers of the images of women."

From the Beltway to the Backroads

There are many sights along Missouri State Highway D. There are decaying barns that have stood for well over 100 years. There are shabby trailer homes with hundreds of thousands of dollars of farm equipment sitting idle in the yard. There are a few remnants of the great pine forests that dominated the landscape until it was clear-cut for the railroads in the 1800s. Many of the scenes from Winter’s Bone were filmed here.

So, My Roommates are my Parents

On July 9, 2012, I towed an 8 x 10 U Haul trailer behind the car my parents gave me when I turned 20. Since then, I'd plastered about 75 bumper stickers onto this car's back and sides, stickers that screamed: "Let's get Guitarted," and "Stop Genocide" and "IT'S TIME TO MOTHER EARTH."

In Defense of Print

I’ve encountered a lot of people who have struggled to wrap their brains around the concept that anyone would want to start a print magazine. When people ask, “and what do you do?” my reply is probably the last thing they expect to hear.

Little Devil intentional.jpg

Interview: Gio Black Peter -- An Artist, Not A 'Gay Artist'

Whether he is drawing gay Matisse orgies with markers, loosing himself in riffs about the “virgin shuffle” (which is 2 guys in a duffle—my kind of dance), or extolling the virtues of being “comfortable viewing male genitalia,” Gio is relentlessly prodding the un(der)analyzed social constructs we live in. His opposing depictions of religion, sex, heteronormativity, and art have pushed him to the extremes of the traditional art world, where he has nevertheless found a powerful voice.

We, the Fragile

Writing is a vulnerable endeavor. Every time I think of that, I think of the famous Hemingway quote that goes, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”  


The bridesmaid dress I purchased to wear for Katia's wedding arrived a week after I quit her bridal party. I tore open the plastic bag and slipped on the silk shift, its beige color uncannily similar to that of my skin. It didn't fit. The fabric was too tight on my stomach, my lower back—parts of my body about which I am the most self-conscious. We'd only been friends for a few months, really, when she proposed that join her wedding cortege.        

Store for Sale

I have a cookbook that is published by a general store in the mountains of North Carolina. Inset into the first page are two older men moving bottle-cap checkers across a checkerboard before a large potbellied stove, just like my brother and I play checkers there. 

Between the Cracks in the Pavement

To understand what the Intentional Quarterly is about, some context is crucial. By "context" I refer to my background as the founder and why my experience has led me to create this project from the ground up. But perhaps, more importantly, I refer to my entire generation's place in history.